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On 10/24/2019 at 10:43 PM, Guillaume Hamon said:

I have the same view about personal responsibility when it comes to my own path so no it's not about feeling superior to others.

Actually many people don't give bj  to avoid risks while the folks who do use condoms for bj are indeed not the majority but not so rare either. So no you don't have pretty much all the population doing it unsafe and around one percent who take no risk. 

I don't know why you would think  pretty much the entire population is sharing your vision when it's quite obvious a higher number than just a lonely percent of the masses wouldn't think like you.

I said "No serious health expert would say take PrEP or condom, as you want when it comes to have safe sex overall" so you know I NEVER said they don't advice PrEP for limiting HIV risks...

My sentence was clear... I said they don't present it as a full protection for a sex life OVERALL. You either don't understand or you fake it.

It's sadly not that ideal. It's not just HIV that has to be avoided while others std would be basically nothing or pretty close. I wish it was that easy but even if we don't count HIV some STDs  are hard or impossible to cure like herpes.

Just like with PreP most people are okay to pay for that  but that doesn't mean they don't see it the same way/ don't consider folks have a responsibility when it comes to pregnancy so no it's not really different actually. You present it as "selective outrage" hypocrisy when both receive pretty much similar reactions.

Also yes they have funds devoted to them indeed but I didn't say PrEP shouldn't be state funded, the opposite actually.

Again, HIV is not the only threat so PrEP only isn't enough.

I never dissed PrEP so no need to tell me about the fact it's useful and it should be state funded, I know it works and already said it should be state funded, I just say it can't be enough since it's a great tool but for HIV only.

Saying it's not complete and should be PART of a protection doesn't mean you deny it's a great tool, pretty much the opposite actually.

You do a lot of preaching for stuff I didn't deny and even clearly agreed with. Again you either don't get it or act like if my view were different of what they are...

Since you act or think there is pretty much no real danger except HIV when it comes to STDs no wonder why you don't see any possible risk.

I repeatedly said I wouldn't use such words so why do you even answer to me like if I was the one who said that?..

Seriously you already acted like if Strawberry blonde said something she didn't say and now you did it with me too...

How dishonest is that lmao? If you were confident in your points you wouldn't feel the need to repeatedly put words in others mouth... 

As much as possible therefore all the time ( if you can )... Quite obviously.

And that's why I said "all the time" while discussing sex addiction and not "several times a week".

It would be obvious for anyone that "all the time means" way more than "several times a week" but of course you act like if it wasn't clear for you... I can't believe you don't get it at this point lol.

I said sex addicts... Not "people who hook up more". 

Is there even just one point of yours that isn't just a hugely non-subtle strawman lol?...

By the way why "Shabby"? Cause you don't like the result of their research?  
You have a  bias indeed, thanks for confirming my point about how you're not honest cause all you do is being on the defensive and... Defending whatever it takes, strawman or  denigration of scientific research...

Dude you wanted a study to proof it and when you get one you call it a "shabby book" even if it was carried by actual univ psys lmao... What's the point of asking for proofs when you dismiss the proofs you get?

This bad faith is as sad as laughable...

To continue the strawman? No it's just a debate-killer since it's about running away from the actual debate you apparently can't win...

These studies prove sex can be good for your mental health when  I NEVER said that sex was bad for it but only that sex addiction was bad for it and, again, you know it damn well.

How can have the nerve to act like if you debunked me when you debunk stuffs I didn't even say...?  Seriously it must be the saddest "angry kid trying it all to win the argument" moment ever.

I never defended anyone claims that folks doing that would be "disgusting" and you know it well...

At this point it's crazy you don't realize how obvious you are when you try to accuse me of stuff I didn't do.

No sex ever wouldn't be realistic okay but just not sucking a d*ck is not something a person ABSOLUTELY can't live without so... Yeah it's possible therefore realistic.

I know very well not everybody will be okay to do it but acting like if it was out of reach is absurd. Some people won't bother and it's their choice, their "personal responsibility".

"People simply do like me". Not that generally for sure even if you like to think so cause it fits your narrative.

Yes they do take it with a grain of salt and some regret it, that's the point others made.

And now you assume  events about someone's life to blame them on these assumptions. I don't like her either but it's really your thing to attack all but what's proved to be said/ done/ thought.

Anyway you spilled paragraphs and paragraphs proving  your way to debate is to bash others on stuffs you PRETEND they said when they didn't... You had many long ass answers as your opportunities yet you filled it with nothing but this technique or bashing a study if it doesn't back your view... It speaks volume. 

You just prove you had nothing concrete to bring to the table with these strawman fest' and unrelated come backs to pretend you dropped truth bomb... It was truth bombs about the same global subject but not actual answers to my views sadly.

Just know it shows and that all the blaming and dishonesty in the world don't make up for a lack of arguments. It's getting old af. Adios and good riddance boy!

You speak about "all the time" out of nowhere, but never specified how often that is. In fact, that is not what was being said by anyone. You just assumed (and literally stated) that when people say "sleeping around" that they have a sex addiction.

You clearly don't see the difference between a meta-study and single study. You misinterpret scientific results and you don't speak in numbers. What's your entire point of bring up mental health? It's not what Azealia Banks was saying nor what people in this thread were saying. People in this thread are judging people who sleep around without a condom while being on PrEP as being irresponsible. The point is that they are not even the slightest more irresponsible than people not on PrEP. Herpes, as per your example, can be easily contracted from hand-to-genital action, kissing, etc. 

Bacterial STDs have been on the rise again anyway, and this is surely not just due to PrEP usage. 

Correct, I don't see the threat of other STDs, as being on PrEP or bareback **** sex makes no difference here. With your "oral sex with a condom" argument you are also vague in how often you think people choose not to have oral sex or, oral sex with a condom. My hypothesis, which i'm quite sure is true, is that nearly everyone does not do this.

So, if you were to defend people calling anyone irresponsible / disgusting / whatever in this threat, just know that 1% of the population that is holy enough to use a condom during oral sex is then only justified to be judging the other 99% of the population. In my eyes, everyone in this thread who even dared to state that they agree with AB are hypocrites of the largest magnitude.


My final points:

- People sleeping around without a condom while on PrEP are not at all more irresponsible than those who have oral sex without a condom (which is most, if not, everyone).

- People judging those who do, or that agree with AB, are not justified to judge.
- Judging anyone in this manner is slut-shaming and hypocritical.

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