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Heal Me Remake - Progress #2




I've added percussions in the pre-chorus and re-done the 2nd round of the synths so it isn't just a repeat of the 1st, and added a very sh*tty draft of the chorus, I literally have no idea what should be added there. The lead in the original sounds very saw and whitewash-ish so I attempted to replicate that and now it sounds like a cheap karaoke :poot: If anyone recognizes any instruments in the chorus or knows how to replicate the 3-note lead drop please do let me know :deadbanana:

(Studio version for reference)



But for now, hope you like it! :hug: This was made on Fl Studio 12

Edited by Woohoo
"I heard if you record Gaga snoring and play it backward it sounds like an act. 2 unreleased."


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