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What's your Fave "Fan Favorite" Gaga Song?


Fan Favorites  

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  1. 1. From this list, which one do you enjoy the most?

    • Gypsy
    • Marry The Night
    • So Happy I Could Die
    • You And I
    • Bloody Mary

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Smother Em Eh

I love them all tbh. I choose You & I and Bloody Mary. 

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OT: nnnnnn I love them all tbh:tony:

But I just have to choose... J̶o̶h̶n̶ W̶a̶y̶n̶e̶ S̶u̶m̶m̶e̶r̶b̶o̶y̶ Marry the Night:sis:

🇵🇭༼;´༎ຶ ۝ ༎ຶ༽🇵🇭
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So, why is there such a correlation between fan favorited songs not being chosen as singles? None of us are paid millions to do this, so how do songs like DITD and Gypsy 'get away' while songs like Judas (sorry sorry sorry Judas fans... no hate here, but it'd be my pick for most disliked single from the fanbase) get released with not a penney spared? 

I also don't understand the strategy behind the use of promo singles and limited releases -- no other artists seem to do it as consistently as LG has and I can't think of a single upside to it other than in the case of something like BDR where you have already invested in a MV, etc. and can use it to at least drum up hype for your star. But, why release DITD in Australia? Why release EOG as a promo single? Why not release ANY followup ASIB singles in the U.S., while FRA gets 3 total? 

I wouldn't have a problem with a BDR approach to every album if the fully released singles were marketed to the level of a Pokerface or BTW. For example, if a song is charting high but you want to keep interest in an era, why not? Let Paparazzi climb to #1 while releasing an amazing video for Starstruck to keep TF theme alive as TFM hype bubbles? Let Applause lead ARTPOP era, but if the concept can be translated most effectively through the lens of Aura, do it! But, you're going to make 2 of your songs battle for their lives - showing that you are insecure in the album strategy, look desperate, and are willing to give up chart performance and a full-package release for something -  only to end up with a song everyone has forgotten (Hair) with no promo, MV, or anything else, and a song that could have been the biggest hit of your career (EOG) stalled out at #3 after you scurried to get things in order after its successful promo run which then led to the worst MV of your career to-date and added to a series of small mistakes that culminated in what should have been another greatest hit - MTN - bombing commercially to end BTW?

RESULT: potential loss of a  #1 (EOG), loss of at least one top 10 (MTN); overexposure, fading out of an era vs. going out with a bang; 0/3 Grammy Awards; loss of being seen as the leader when it came to visuals, etc.

You purposefully released Shallow before the Grammy 2019 deadline and the album after for ASIB, yet instead of releasing ONE more single in the next 16 months in the USA, you drove fans nuts with country-specific releases of songs like ARUTW that is your #2 streaming song on Spotify without any support? 

RESULT: Potential loss of 1-2 Grammys for Shallow by rushing its release way before its peak; potential loss of 1-4 Grammys for ARUTW and ASIB (AOTY, ROTY, SOTY, Pop Vocal); potential loss of 1-3 (ARUTW, INLA, ITA) top 10/#1 charting singles in your totally unexpected comeback era.


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