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Netanyahu: "Iran has nuclear bomb sites"

11 minutes ago, lego said:


What I’m getting from all this, as long as Israel is friends with USA, Netanyahu is allowed to do whatever he wants even it’s obvious it means death of the so called 2-state solution and prolonging the conflict. 

I even posted a tweet of right winger who is worried about this. Strange. 


Not strange, sad.  And Trump allow more than others in past....

2 state rejected because of land...you're correct...

Road block right now :  Israel want more land, just take no ask....

Palestine want land back that was lost...

Means war for now....

I don't have way to fix either

like a cat in a sil, I observe life, moving and still. My words give a clue,look inside to see whats true


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On 9/10/2019 at 3:55 PM, Melech said:

I believe him. 

Nucelar bombs should get rid off altogether including Israeli ones.

Everyone... including US :koons:


kettle cant call pot


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