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Madame X Tour Bans Phones

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Did anyone receive a mailing from ticketmaster that phones would be banned?   I did not.  I just checked with the venue I will be attending.   As a general policy, the venue (The Met Philadelphia) allows phones and non-professional cameras.    The artist, however, can ban phones and cameras.  I have not found information on whether Madonna will ban phones/cameras at the concert I will be attending.  News media says it applies to the entire tour, but I need to hear it directly from the venue, ticketmaster, livenation, or Madonna.

I will enjoy the concert whether or not I can use a phone/camera.  But it is disappointing that this rule was made three months after I purchased my ticket.

I live in an alternate universe.


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Apologies if someone mentioned this, I only scanned through the this thread, but Jack White instituted the same rule for his last solo tour, so it's not completely uncommon.

However, with this tour being so exclusive  and hard to get to, it seems a little overboard. Being at a theater for a performance is not the same as attending a sit-down evening where your phone should be put away (which Madonna has famously not done, a la texting at Hamilton). I think the phone should be able to stay, but that's  just me. Seems like a weird move coming from Madonna, and this new album of hers could've used a lil more organic exposure a la concert videos getting shared on Insta etc. But we'll see. 


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On 9/7/2019 at 9:15 PM, AHippieIsBorn said:

You guys serious? This is genius tbh, not sure why more artists don't do this. They don't want the tour leaking on YouTube. Not to mention no one enjoys and connects with artists anymore, they're all worried about documenting and updating their snap story. :reductive:


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