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According to an "insider", Gaga's New single - Story Of My Body OUT 6/09

Mana Mahad

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Meredith Grey

The literal only information this shows he knows is that Gaga suffers from chronic pain and that he thinks title has two T’s in it.

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2 minutes ago, Sanne Godijn said:

Can you Please change the tag to rumor tag i thought it was actual anouncement

I gotchu :ally:

I was happy. We were all happy. I was getting my LIFE to an extended mix of Perfect Illusion and this thread pops up.

I'm not happy anymore :giveup:

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THIS REAL? dangerous pain huh?? idk... i just dont feel it...  that is a lame name... tbh... I could  be wrong tho and disappointed.... very actually... but wrong 😂😂😂

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