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Big Brother: Superheroes

A Hybrid

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A Hybrid

Hopping on the Big Brother trend :huntyga:

Big Brother: Superheroes




Every player choose a superhero to represent. In each round a random player is chosen to be HoH (Head of Household) by a draw. 
The HoH chooses two heroes to be up for eviction.
The players vote on which of the two heroes they want to evicit.
The heroes with the most votes to leave is expelled, the other one is safe In the next round.
The process repeats until there is a clear winner.

BONUS RULE: If the HoH won at least twice before, they may choose to make the secret identities of the heroes of their choice compete instead. So instead of Batman vs Superman, it’d be Bruce Wayne vs Clark Kent! (This rule only applies if both heroes have a secret identity, so for example can’t if Jessica Jones.)


Storm - @Lazz Monster

Black Widow - @Talenti

Elastigirl - @Davian


Scarlet Witch @M Monstre against Black Widow

Captain Marvel @lost in limbo against Elastigirl

Thor @DiamondKing against Storm

Batman @Animal Claws against Scarlet Witch

Duck Avenger @ExMachina against Storm

Spider-Man @Enzo against Thor

The Flash @Lion Heart against Captain Marvel

Wolverine @Alan123 against Batman

Iron Man @Taylucifer against Spider-Man

Deadpool @Glamourpuss against Thor

Wonder Woman @A Hybrid against Black Widow

Green Lantern @KatieJudasGaga4 against Scarlet Witch

No family’s safe when I sashay
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Lazz Monster
6 minutes ago, A Hybrid said:

Rules shamelessly copy pasted from @Animal Claws :kara:

@Lazz Monster wanted to be tagged and I’m assuming since they’re here @Davian should be too :) 

look at us my friend @Davian our friendship transcends our dms boundaries :firega::kara:

We're far from the Shallow now
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A Hybrid

Invite your friends, families, buy ARTPOP on iTunes and let this game not flop :poot:

No family’s safe when I sashay
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A Hybrid

I’m going to sleep, this better blow up by the time I wake up (at least 12 would be great)

also, I’ve decided I’m playing too and Wonder Woman

wonder woman shield GIF

No family’s safe when I sashay
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