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Lady Gaga working on haus booty (via IG stories)

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28 minutes ago, jamesillusion said:

#2018RadioIsOurs :cryga:

Shallow? :triggered:

ARUTW :lolly:

are still on the top20 of WW iTunes... 

#radioWasOursAndStillIs :vegas:

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16 hours ago, SKANK said:



















"Ten years of doing nothing but producing art?" Sure, Joanne.

We can defend her financial ventures without sipping on stan cool aid.






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6 hours ago, LVbuttondown said:

Product placement in videos- genius

contract with Tiffany’s- smart and amazing

the perfumes - it’s was the thing to do and her management insisted. Doesn’t make her take on it any less artistic. Have you seen the photo shoots or commercial?

her and tony doing PR to promote their jazz album and being paid for it- amazing

Versace- her and dontella are super close.


Artists today can’t be just musicians and be superstars without making other people lots of money. Every one of those ventures was based off her fame and ability to get attention. Sure she got paid but she needed to seek payment from other avenues. She went 3 million in the hole after the fame ball. She pays for a lot of her own videos and stage productions. 

Now she is finally putting her name and fame behind a business she is building with the people closest to her and some of the fans here just want to label it a cash grab. Would you rather see another set of sponsored product placements or something she has created herself? It’s one of the other. She will never make enough for the whole haus, her family, or herself just releasing music. She was paid peanuts for ASIB and AHS Hotel.

yeah but you first argued that she did nothing but "art"  for the first 10 years, this response has no correlation with ur first claim :fan:

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Ally Campana

I feel like some people who are obsessed with her past self should just leave the fandom and find another artist to stan. Seriously, it’s getting annoying. She’s at a point of her career where she can do what she wants.

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20 hours ago, Zilla said:

They look so excited hmmmm

yeah bobby looks ecstatic :madge:

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22 hours ago, SKANK said:



Nothing I posted was from a music video. I wasn't talking about product placement.

You are entitled to think her Tiffany's campaign was smart. You are entitled to praise her shrewd business sense. However, claiming she has "done nothing but produce art for ten years"  is obviously untrue. Selling watches for Tudor, taking her clothes off for Supreme, and filming commercials for Google Chrome were not artistic ventures.

Now if you excuse me, I'm going to brush my teeth with my Lady Gaga toothbrush. And since you think she has done nothing but create art for the past ten years, I'm sure you consider her collaboration with "BrushBuddies" to be a readymade sculpture inspired by Marcel Duchamp's fountain.




I have this toothbrush! It's so stupid - I love it! :lmao:

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