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28 minutes ago, Davian said:

Hey, would you mind it if I hosted this one?:) I’ve been looking forward to this album for a really long time and I would love to host a megarate for it:vegas: I was already preparing some visuals because I had no idea it was already reserved nnn

Hey, no worries! Take it :)

Stream Kylie-Janet Discographies!
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So since many people are complaining that too many megarates are taking place and they can't keep up i decided to make a thread in order to have them organized. @alextruper17 asked this so here it is.

The ones I know are going on at the moment    and probably a few more 


Would it be fine if I did a general Kesha megarate at some point? I've never actually done a megarate before but I've been reading some and they look fun.

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Rate starts on July 30, 6am CEST. Join, there's free cake :kara: 



but I still would be glad if y'all joined :saira: 


Ew, David!
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Ororo Munroe
On 7/28/2021 at 7:42 PM, alsemanche said:

Lorde's Solar Power is mine :flower:


3 minutes ago, Kantakyakirno said:

Reserving Chromatica Remix album! 

looking forward to these two :party:

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Just wanna reserve the megarate for the discography of Billie Eilish. This is not coming in the near future (still this year, I hope :selena:, otherwise at the beginning of 2022 :fatcat:) as this will take a lot of preparation and for me a new PC :vegas: .

Ew, David!
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Diana Ross - Diana  MEGARATE

 Submit your rates by 18th March and the ceremony will take place on the 19th.*


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