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Taylor Swift ft. Lady Gaga


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39 minutes ago, Swallow said:

@OMonster  lied........again. 

The tracklist has been out for so long now did anyone really believe those delusions? :sweat:

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3 hours ago, Swallow said:

@OMonster  lied........again. 

1) I didn't lie. I *never* claimed this was absolute, and only reported what I was told. 

2) What reason do I have to lie? I post on this forum a lot - why would I want to destroy my reputation on here?

3) My friend is *still* absolutely persistent that Gaga and Taylor have worked together - and this source has been reliable countless times (Little Mermaid cast, 'The Archer')

4) I lied... again? I have never lied on this forum - show me ONCE where I have lied on here. 

You have been hateful towards me in the past on this forum. You are pretty unkind and that's ironic when you support Lady Gaga. 

As a side-note... to anyone on here who sees this post - I am really sorry for misinforming you guys. For real. 

But you also gotta put yourself in my shoes... would you share what you thought was pretty solid? I know with certainty this guy does work in the industry. I don't think he was straight out lying - there must be *something* to it, I just don't know what anymore. 

I learnt a lesson, though. I will never share any information before it's absolutely confirmed. 

Sorry again :) 

subtext / fantasy
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I was hateful towards you on this forum?!

Excuse me? I only posted in THIS thread claiming I don't believe you since in the past you also posted another rumor that turned out to be false.  

This is not the first time someone trolled in a similiar way on GGD. We've had our share of insiders and I'm only calling you out on your BS and I have the right to do so. Feel attacked or whatever, I don't care. Bye.

Es solo una paja entre colegas
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