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Madame X out of Billboard 200 after 2 weeks


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@Snow The album is still horrible

I’ll stick to her old stuff. I don’t know why my “jabs” don’t have merit just because I don’t like her new stuff. Back in like 2012 I was such a huge fan as I discovered her music. I even got attacked when I became a Mod in 2014 for being a “closet Madonna stan” that was gonna warn people that talked against her since I was very vocal about my love for her discography. I even had an avi of her (and you can probably guess how that came across on here). That being said I found MDNA undwhelming but despite that she still had a near perfect discography. Now that she has 3 duds in a row, I’m gonna drag her, as anyone should who feels like an artist they like has been putting out garbage. 

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@Arturo And that is all good as it's your personal opinion. It's less so when it's being masked as something else than "imo" and whem using clearly baseless "arguments".

But yeah, opinions are fine and there's no need to drag this along. And this was nothing personal. :hug:

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On 7/11/2019 at 11:22 PM, simbiosis said:

You know people can see your post history, right?

Because one thing that is plainly obvious from your history is that you couldn’t be more biased, as clearly shown by your repeated Madonna bashing. 

The fact you are saying that the album is lacklustre and dull when Madonna puts out an album merging sounds from across the globe, experimenting with futuristic and earthy music, bridging tradition with experimentation, while at the same time offering a highly accomplished concept and outstanding visuals, is either a clear demonstration of your lack of taste or musical knowledge, or simply a biased opinion from a little monster stuck in 2011. 

People may claim many things about M, but saying that this album is bad is not one of them. The music she put out with this record is miles away from the sub-par quality of everything currently on heavy rotation on the radio, and it won’t be your biased opinion that will deny the fact that this album will be a staple of M’s creativity 37 years into her career.

You know that my post history is not relevant, right? That it doesn't devalue my opinion on the subject right? That you're just annoyed that what im saying might just be accurate, right? 

Don't mistake an alternative opinion to yours to automatically be 'Madonna Bashing' outside of her fanbase the last few albums are unheard of for the most part, the public wasn't interested and still isn't judging by this albums performance, what made this particular one fail so horribly is that her die hard fans have also given up it seems as she has alienated them by trying to go for younger audiences, that just aren't interested resulting in a lack of interest from both sides. 

"The music she put out with this record is miles away from the sub-par quality of everything currently on heavy rotation on the radio" This literally based on your opinion yet you state it like its fact, its not. This album blatantly tried hard to latch. onto what is relevant and popular and use it for popularity itself, it failed because the album is a mess imo with no real direction or artistic integrity, the Madame X persona is an excellent example of a concept that wasn't really thought out, half baked and presented to fans like yourself who have ate it up. If you want to believe this album is creative go ahead but don't go bashing anyone who disagrees with you, it only proves their point more. 

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