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Stefani Tee

Detroit Music Festival Charges White People Double

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Jae Eris

In this circus we call life, non-white people are charged double, triple, a hundred-fold! But honestly I'd rather have equality instead of revenge.

sweet but psycho 🔪


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On 7/7/2019 at 6:56 PM, hankhatesyouall said:

Unfortunately, they will face it once they become a minority in a couple of decades. This is already a precursor to what is about to come. 

Well good then, the whites will have a taste of their own medicine.

‘If religion be the cause of disunity, then irreligion is surely to be preferred.’ ‘Abdu’l-Bahá


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Regardless of how you define the specific term “racism”, all race-based hatred is wrong, no matter the history behind it.  Some types of race-based hatred are systemic and therefore are more pressing issues, as they affect more people, but all race-based hatred or discrimination is wrong.  Whoever came up with this idea needs to join the long list of people who need to look in the mirror and ask themselves why they treated people bad because of the pigments in their skin.

I'm talkin' 'bout forever, baby.
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