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Ecuador legalizes same-sex marriage


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10 hours ago, Gagz4Gaga said:

All these latino gheys humping each other and being in love and happy, UGH MY HOMOPHOBIC BACKWARD THINKING MISERABLE COUNTRY CANT RELATE :selena:

Where are you from babe?

underneath the pine
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12 hours ago, Galagala said:
  12 hours ago, Michael Lucas said:

Mexico is located in North America.

There's a difference between the geographic demonym and the cultural demonym. 



Geographic demonym: North American
Cultural demonym: Latin American


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12 hours ago, Jose P said:


And Costa Rica, gurl, I hope you join the list sooner than later. You teach this Central American countries how it’s done!

We will join by law on march 2020. The government was forced by the inter American court of human rights, and was given a year to plan the changes to the law. If they can establish those changes sooner than march 2020, then it will be legalized before that. If not, the government obeys the court, which has already established that specific march date. It will become legal one way of another even if 60% of the population said no. Its taken so long because of some stupid retarded people in the legislative branch who happen to be god fanatics. The most recent debacle is that they want to forbid our health care system to provide HPV vaccines for girls because it “incites sex” 

The good thing is the child services is starting to revoke custody from the parents who wont accept the shot

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