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[CEREMONY] Joanne World Tour Looks | MEGARATE


Taste has left the conversation :madge:



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The disrespect to one of my favorites. :madge:

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I wasn't really keen on this one. I never understood why this was chosen to be worn. 


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How was the Milan outfit not rated higher ? :saladga:

I thought it would be in the top 3.

We were supposed to rate the outfits themselves guys, not the context in which they were worn :madge:

Hey sis! I know it's a bit awkward to ask but can you make me win? I know I flopped this round, I want to make sure I still have my throne


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#8 Diamond Heart / A-Yo / Poker Face / Perfect Illusion 

Rating: 7.96


Highest Raters: @Lazz Monster, @PinkPop, @Glamourpuss, @gabrielflorin01, @Madame Goo Goo, @Animal Claws, @DiamondKing, @2School4Cool  (10)

Lowest Rater: @OG Gaga Stan (4)



Jacket: Zaldy

Leotard: Alexander Wang 

Hat: Gladys Tamez Millinery



notsoratedr - first rendition of this look is far superior to the one with the bandana

DiamondAngel - outfit looks so heavy metal, I don't think the pink hat compliments it very well but I still dig it

ExMachina - Solid starter for the show, but some jackets she used were much better than others, and she could have skipped those stringy things. Not three different costumes need them.

BELLYACHE - The opening look is kinda bomb to start off with and then the fun transition to AYO is cool and suits the song in a way. However I think there should be some gold and peaches for AYO but the hat looked flickin lit. Perfect Illusion was a disappointment as I needed looks she had for that era/ music video and the swinging mic so the overal background and performance was lackluster and the look took lashes accordingly.

PrincessVenus - Amazing opening look, and imo will go down in Gaga history as one of the defining looks of the Joanne era.

OMonster - In all it's simplicity, this outfit perfectly represents the Joanne era - making it the perfect opening look.

Miel - Easy, comfortable look that highlighted the hat. Not bad, but nothing special- intro jacket is bulky and not very interesting. Second version of this outfit set was more interesting with the outfit reveals, but still relatively nondescript.

Blue Madonna - A very nice look but when put along side the other looks it seems kind of boring. LOVE the jacket and the tassels.

MonsterMom - Too cowgirl for my taste

Twitter - The original outfit was great, but the updated one kinda ruined the act.

Mirages - It's just ok.

sarcamstic - I absolutely love the detailing on the bodysuit.

Oriane - It's pretty, it fits the "rock" vibes and I like the guitar with goes with it.

Nuggets - Not bad at all! The makeup is good and the outfit slays!

Suspiria - Not terrible. Just kind of boring. When they added the bandana though it just went t*ts up, Gaga wyd

PinkPop - I really love the sparkly pink hat, it really feels like it takes the spirit of the Joanne album and concept but makes it appropriate for a glam show. It truly highlights where Gaga is in her career at that time and even now; It's still out there but builds up on the persona she has in her 30's = pure elegance. I LOVE the fringing on the outfit, it was emulated by a lot of fans and really gives that country vibe but with the black overall look, it's perfect for songs like Perfect Illusion.

OG Gaga Stan - I've seen all of her tours [including the C2C tour with Tony:tony:] and this was my least favorite, easily. I know I'm in the minority on here, but I really didn't love much of what she wore this time around and this outfit sort of personifies my disappointment. A cheesy bodysuit with rhinestones and tassels? Meh.

The Adele of GGD's Member & Rain on Me Awards 2020


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I'd rather be dry but at least I'm alive 🌧


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This one definitely deserved better. :noparty:


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OG Gaga Stan

I'm sorry! I don't like it! I yawned! :coffee:


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#7 Bad Romance

Rating: 7.97


Highest Raters: @DiamondKing, @Philo (11)

Lowest Raters: @Madame Goo Goo (0)



Mask: Stephen Jones

Boots: Giuseppe Zanotti

Bodysuit: Zaldy



notsoratedr - the mask kinda saves it for me

DiamondAngel - Like a lesser version of her old Bad Romance outfits. Go big or go home!

ExMachina - Born This Way Ball Bad Romance costume vibes.

BELLYACHE - This looks cheap af. Should have been better designed and styled for this song.

PrincessVenus - Honestly kind of a letdown. I really liked it at first, but it hasn't aged well, the mask is too reminiscent to the BTWB outfit, the weird shoulder things (which are apparently big bows) don't add much to the look, and I hate how the bottom half of the jacket/corset or whatever u wanna call this, looks like it's made of plastic,

2School4Cool - I loved the Rave Girl outfit from the artRAVE, but I loved that this outfit felt like a call back to older Bad Romance outfits with the mask. It feels like a classic Gaga outfit.

OMonster - This is another classic Gaga look... and it was nice to see a refreshed Bad Romance outfit that kind of referenced her previous costumes for this number.

Miel - Not a fan of this one, unfortunately. It's like a caricature of what an earlier phase of Gaga's looks, without the usual obnoxiousness, camp, or bombastic attitude of caricatures. The construction of the arms could have been much more textured and mobile, but it is ultimately static and flat. The outer corset could have been more dimensional with beading or any sort of patterning, but it is simply just an outer corset. The mask is dull, and does not live up to previous tour masks (or even headpieces on this tour alone)- it looks like a store-bought masquerade headpiece for a 2003 Mask Ball themed prom straight out of a suburban hellhole.

Blue Madonna - Mega Elton vibes. Nice, but coming from Gaga it is one of the more 'usual' looks.

MonsterMom - Love the theatrics

Madame Goo Goo - This look...its just so out of place

Twitter - Classic Gaga ❤️

loveittodeath - it is an obvious filler for the cure outfit

Mirages - Giving that X-men vibe queen.

sarcamstic - This is by far one of my favorite “Bad Romance” costumes for concerts. It’s fun, easy to move in, and has removable pieces. The headpiece is also gorgeous.

Oriane - A classic Bad Romance outfit... Not really original, I prefer the ones from other shows.

Nuggets - This one is kind of simple and while is not necessarily a bad thing i think they could've done a better work.

Suspiria - Idk why but I always just find "angel wings" tacky:selena: and the big bows on the sleeves didn't help. If I pretend they're not angel wings though it's not bad.

PinkPop - You've got to have an outfit like this for BR, come on! Brilliant.

OG Gaga Stan - Cute! Love the wings and the mask. A plucking queen.


The Adele of GGD's Member & Rain on Me Awards 2020


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#6 Bloody Mary

Rating: 8.04


Highest Raters: @Alexander Levi, @arianquint, @Cello, @sarcamstic, @Lazz Monster (11)

Lowest Rater: @HosedDownGypsy (0)



Coat: Norma Kamali

Gloves: DROMe

Mask: Philip Treacy

Bodysuit: Brandon Maxwell & Michael Velasquez

Boots: Andre No. 1



notsoratedr - SO beautiful, fits the song/aesthetic perfectly

DiamondAngel - CrazyGa gone wrong. Maybe it looks better in person but it looks like cheap material

ExMachina - Literally the ugliest material she ever wore. Looks like an inflated red trash bag.

BELLYACHE - It hits and misses. I think its too puffy and should have better textures, colors and designs that would go well for this slick and edgy song.

PrincessVenus - She really did Bloody Mary justice after that weird BTWB Predator alien football player thing . Everything kinda goes together, the puffiness of the jacket, the Philip Treacy-esque mask, her hair tied up, the bomb boots. Even the dancers look amazing

2School4Cool - Something about this look felt like an instant classic. Everything about it screams Gaga, and the head piece somehow makes it feel darker and more mysterious, which is perfect for Bloody Mary.

OMonster - This is such a 'Gaga' look, and debuting it during an era where the 'Gaga' was quite light... it really shook me on opening night. I absolutely love it, and it's kind of been a blueprint for her ever since (see the Vegas jazz show and the Met Gala).

Miel - Really cool outfit- recalls Gaga's past with high fashion while infusing the then-current aesthetic of minimal looks. Great palette.

Blue Madonna - Love the eye thing and the bold covers. Krabby kween

MonsterMom - Too much

Madame Goo Goo - It looks like she's wearing a tablecloth I hate it

Twitter - Was gonna give this an 11 but this look screams GAGA and not Joanne.

loveittodeath - not a great outfit it but goes well with the performance. pretty obvious that it was a reveal

Mirages - Bitch knew what she was doing with this one.

sarcamstic - STUNNING.

Oriane - That sleeping bad look is not for me... I like the thing on her eye though.

Davian - Awesome look, really fits Bloody Mary

Nuggets - I love how this costume fits perfectly Bloody Mary's theme!

Suspiria - It's very Gaga - a futuristic twist on a more historical/traditional look. It really quenched my thirst after the 'Gaga' drought, gave me hope she was coming back. It looked great as she walked down the stage. I just don't think it really fit with the era though... but I guess that's a different topic.

PinkPop - Probably the most eccentric of them all, this could only be used for Bloody Mary.

OG Gaga Stan - This is what I want from a Gaga show. Ugh. :tony:


The Adele of GGD's Member & Rain on Me Awards 2020


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