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[CEREMONY] Joanne World Tour Looks | MEGARATE

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#12 Angel Down / Joanne


Rating: 6.73


Highest Rater: @Animal Claws, @Madame Goo Goo, loveittodeath (10)

Lowest Rater: @Alexander Levi (0)




Blazer & Skirt: Lanotta Studio, Natali Germanotta (co-creator), v2bentley (painting)

Hat: Gladys Tamez Millinery



@notsoratedr don't like the beige or the fringes, looks messy

@DiamondAngel Creative and pretty. Kind of rock and roll.

@ExMachina It's the definition of mixed feelings. Nice idea with the title-covered jacket and overall idea for the costume, but it looks so worn out, and the bottom half is quite ugly tbh. Maybe it looked better live.

@BELLYACHE Its too dirty looking and stuff.

@PrincessVenus If it wasn't for such a beautiful, heartwarming performance, that she did with this outfit, it would be way lower. I don't despise it, but it's tacky, and not in a good way. It also reminds me way too much of the MR outfit too.

@2School4Cool Performing a song about her aunt evert night in an outfit designed by her sister must have been so surreal for her. I love that it’s covered in her lyrics too.

@OMonster I really enjoy this look... from the waist up. The lower part of the jacket doesn't really do it for me, and I think it clashes a little with the red boots.

@Miel Best outfit of the night. Showcases the "rawness" and "authenticity" of Joanne while still calling back to her old art. Probably the most interesting design of the show.

@MonsterMom Yeehaw fashion has to go

@Twitter The red shoes were always off putting but it grew on me as the tour went on.

@loveittodeath the country look 10/10

@Mirages No no.

@Steve Nasty I like the idea of the writing, but the outfit is just ugly imo.

@sarcamstic I actually really like this. Upon first seeing it during the concert it looked odd to me, but watching the screens, I saw the writing and the details on it. It’s cute.

@Oriane I love the concept, the shape of the outfit is simple and it fits the songs.

@Suspiria I love the jacket and hat, they're a great representation of the Joanne aesthetic and just look good. However the red boots and scarf kind of ruin it for me... i wish she'd just taken them off. A barefoot look would've worked really well I think, or just add some shoes that matched better.

@PinkPop Natali designed this and I think it really works against the songs of Angel Down and Joanne. There's so much depth and hurt in these songs, the way the words have been written on the outfits brings out the sorrow and sadness through the lines in the lyrics and brings them to life.

@OG Gaga StanI know I'll be dragged for this, but I hated this look. Love the message behind it, but the execution... :saladga:

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Sorry everyone it's taking a long time to get everyone tagged in the posts! 

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Deserved better :(

it's not the ugliest guys, c'mon

baby, yoü and I
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1 minute ago, SamanthaC said:

#12 Angel Down / Joanne

Rating: 6.73

Not the lowest one having a 6.7 average. :air: That outfit is truly awful.


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#11 The Cure


Rating: 7.09


Highest Rater: @LADYGAGASHOOCK(11)

Lowest Raters: @DiamondAngel, @ArtGagaPop(0)




Bodysuit: Zaldy



notsoratedr - a cute outfit, she looks absolutely adorable

DiamondAngel - She looks like a drunk girl at a frat party.

ExMachina - It's horrible. Just look at her boobs in this.

BELLYACHE - Its beautiful but cute.

PrincessVenus - Subtle yet sweet. It is a little boring yes, but i love the glitter disco ball chain metal thing it has going on

OMonster - Probably my least favourite outfit from the tour... but I love how sparkly it is.

Miel - Nothing special about this outfit, but it's cute. Stone and beaded to the gods, and demonstrating a casual sense of sex appeal coded with "but I'm just like every other girl". That's it.

MonsterMom - Cute but forgettable

Mirages - Love it.

sarcamstic - It’s cute, not much to say.

Oriane - No, it's so basic, it looks like some kind of Demi Lovato thing. After all, it fits the song she's perfoming it in.

Suspiria - Another flattering, well made costume. Looks expensive and high quality, and it fit the song. Her tiddies looked gooood:lolly: I also loved what they did with her wig here during the earlier shows, tying it back a bit.

PinkPop - We start with black and we end with white, I'm so glad she played TC on the JWT.

OG Gaga Stan - "I mean, there's not much to say. It's just a crappy basic look." - Katya, and me looking at this look. She looked pretty despite the look itself, though.

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#10 Million Reasons in Milan


Rating: 7.33


Highest Raters:  @OG Gaga Stan, @thopekas, @HosedDownGypsy (11)

Lowest Raters: @DeluluSwine, @andy232000 (0)



Bodysuit: Versace 



BELLYACHE - For this song...... seriously. I thinks she is too plump to basically pull of these outfits. She looks bloated in most.....

PrincessVenus - I actually really liked this look, and I also loved the matching boots. If she had done more TF deep cuts this outfit would've been perfect

OMonster - Not a favourite... but it was nice to see something different.

andy232000 - doesnt go at all with the song

Miel - The outfit alone is cute, but I think it would have suited much better for the previous piano segment (Applause, CTM, TEOG, BTW).

Blue Madonna - Eh. Not a fan of the colours.

Madame Goo Goo - Vercase, no...

loveittodeath - a cheerful dress for a rather sad song

sarcamstic - It’s cute! I love the details! It’s good for Milan.

Oriane - It's so beautiful and colorful ! I guess everyone is going to say that she should have kept this for other shows, but it wouldn't have fit. It's just a nice shoutout.

Davian - I prefer the other one by a mile tbh

Suspiria - Meh, it's fine. Doesn't really match the song. But it was just a one off so doesn't matter.

PinkPop - Although I love Versace and I love this outfit, it doesn't go well with the theme of the song and the normal MR outfit is much better. I understand it was for Donatella, but maybe this outfit could've been used for another song, Donatella perhaps? But logistically, I know maybe that wasn't possible.

OG Gaga Stan - Loved it, honestly! Fits her perfectly, love the imagery on the suit. This and the Bloody Mary look ran away with the entire tour.

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OG Gaga Stan
2 minutes ago, OG Gaga Stan said:

This is going shockingly well so far. :vegas:

Cancelled. :madge:

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I can't remember what my rates were but I'm happy with the order so far. 

Serial liker


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the Milan outfit was gorgeous, what is happening :emma: 

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#9 Applause / Come to Mama / The Edge of Glory / Born This Way


Rating: 7.91


Highest Raters: loveittodeath, @2School4Cool (11)

Lowest Rater: @notsoratedr (3.5)



Jumpsuit: Michael Velasuez

Skirt: Viktor & Rolf

Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti 



notsoratedr - my least favorite outfit, i hate the skirt so much but without it its not as bad

DiamondAngel - So beautiful and elegant, but with a hint of that Gaga flair.

ExMachina - Not very Gaga, and quite simple idea behind the costume, but she actually looked really great in it. The white skirt for Born This Way matched it very nicely.

BELLYACHE - Its a nice look but its not the best but kinda revolutionary tbh.

PrincessVenus - The skirt is what saves this look tbh. I don't think anyone looks good in black velvet bodysuits. Extra points for the floral print sleeve tho.

2School4Cool - One of her top two best tour looks ever. It was so simple but the floral sleeve makes it stand out. She looks stunning in it!

OMonster - Having been a little underwhelmed by this outfit at first - in retrospect, it is absolutely beautiful and incredibly timeless. I love it so much.

Cello - Love the catsuit by itself, but the poofy meringue skirt doesn't match with the look for me

Miel - Cool floral pattern and jewel beading on the right arm. Outfit looks fairly boring until you notice the velour (suede?) texture. Looks really good with the lighting. The skirt seems pointless and could have easily been a different piece with more dimension or color tone- that said, I've warmed up to it.

Blue Madonna - UGH I LOVE!! It's so classy, the sleeves are everything, the contrast between the (what looks like velvet?) black top and the big white skirt is everything.

MonsterMom - Beautiful and classy

Twitter- Meh

loveittodeath - the sleeve and the cashmere look is pure perfection

Mirages - We love a catsuit.

sarcamstic - It’s cute! It reminds me a lot of the BTWB! Nothing spectacular. The attachable gown bottom gave it extra points.

Oriane - I don't understand why people don't like it, she looks so cute in this ! The pants version is simple but nice, and the dress is original and makes her look cute.

Nuggets - It's a mess. Her right sleeve looks kind of odd and the gown doesn't help at all :(

Suspiria - I don't hate this as much as some other members, but it's just pretty boring. Kind of looked like pyjamas. I think the skirt added a lot actually - the way it moved was really nice, I really wanted to wear it :ladyhaha:

PinkPop - I think on its own, you can wear that on a night out. Not exactly clubbing, but maybe a restaurant? I would anyway lol. It's so beautifully curated with the all-black velvet design with just one arm patterned with roses. Perfect outfit for songs like 'Come to Mama' because it has a seriousness to it, but it's fun and light-hearted at the same time.

With the ruffled skirt, the outfit really works too. The simplicity of the outfit on its own contrasts well with the over-the-top white ruffled skirt, similar to what Gaga did when she went into the Haus Beauty museum on IG live.

OG Gaga Stan - The catsuit itself is cute, but the giant ruffled skirt was a choice.

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