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Stefani Tee
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Most overrated/underrated Madonna song

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Overrated: Like A Prayer

Underrated: Bad Girl. She gave us a short film just for it to flop.

Lady Gaga/ Madonna/Lana /Azealia Banks/ Jazmine Sullivan/ DEEE-LITE/ Moko
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On 5/18/2019 at 9:31 AM, Maleficent said:

i’m actually 99% percent sure she did record a 2019 Forbidden Love bc i think it was on that Song Mastering whiteboard she accidentally posted on her instagram back in January (it had other confirmed Madame X tracks)


On 5/18/2019 at 9:33 AM, GAGAJANDRO said:

Is the ig photo still up?

Anyway, she seems to love that song-title:derpga:

Or she was just planning her tour setlist:ladyhaha:

I forgot about this! I decided to look this up and even found a GGD thread for it :vegas:

every song listed on the white board is on the album, and unfortunately there is no new Forbidden Love. There’s 18 songs total with the super deluxe version, and 15 on the white board. The three that aren’t on the white board are Crave, Looking For Mercy, and Ciao Bella :)


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30 minutes ago, sillynate said:


guess this was before she began working with Mike Dean—though that means Crave is the only song to come out of their sessions lol. Also means the album was almost completed way back in January!!

edit: wait this was in November wtf 

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Give Me All Your Luvin

B*tch I'm Madonna


4 Minutes


This Used To Be My Playground

Take A Bow

Die Another Day


Deeper and Deeper

Living For Love

American Life

Love Profusion


Lets do it baby I know the Law
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