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Children of LGBT U.S. citizens may be stripped of their citizenship

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15 hours ago, MyQueen said:

Republic of Gilead  on the way:hor:

My thoughts exactly. :laughga: They are talking your rights slowly. 

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Will we still get in trouble for attacking people who are vocal about their support for Trump on this website? :huntyga:


Forever weirded out by how the world asks whole categories of people to play nice with political groups that want to strip them of the basic rights needed to live and thrive! Forever weirded out by the expectation to not acknowledge when someone politically identifies with a party that jails little children and takes away their legal status.

:ohwell: wut?:trollga:


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So from a Gen Z's perspective, I may not know much about politics BUT these baby boomers need to get out of office, because they are literally destroying the country and the world for my entire generation and others. Literally the world would be better without them in office. I really am scared because I don't know what that does to me and the other LGBT+ people of this site


xoxo hoanne


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But ha emails!!! But bernie!!! 

Whatever you do, you better vote for whoever wins the democrat nomination, next election isnt the time to abstain, to go 3rd party, or to play any write-in names. 


And get as many people as you can to do the same, this might be the last chance we have to save this country. (Unless someone steps the **** up and does what needs to be done no matter what (understand that however you want))

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