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What were gaga singles that never ended up getting a release?

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Animal Claws

2nd single from ARTPOP had a lot of changes:

1- Swine was meant to be single but it was replaced with Venus

2- Venus was almost ready for being a single, the Music Video had the script almost ready (i think), but was chosen DWUW instead

3- Aura was meant to be second single too, after be rejected to be lead single

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On 5/14/2019 at 5:51 AM, LilyLark said:

Wasn't the whole Venus and ARTPOP mess because Troy left her literally a week or two before ARTPOP dropped? Like her whole team fell apart right when she was choosing which singles to release, etc.?

Pretty sure it was because they released DWUW as a promo single and the great reception made them flip-flop on their choices. But then there was the whole SNL and video mess, the R. Kelly drama, and stuff. It's sad to see such a good song get pulled entirely.

G.U.Y. came later...for some reason...she even found a way to mash ARTPOP, Venus, and MANiCURE into its video though :sharon: she wanted Aura to be ARTPOP's lead and when the label said "no", Boris said "yas" and leaked it here.

Same thing happened with Joanne, I think. A-Yo was the planned 2nd but MR beat it out, this time they made the right choice as it's now a Gaga staple :diane:

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Kylie Jenner

I heard that Scheiße was gonna be a single, and I think her reasoning for using it as her Fame perfume commercial's theme song was most likely because she intended for it to be a single, and it never became one.

For ARTPOP she considered many songs to be singles...Aura as the lead, Sexxx Dreams, Swine (I think) and Gypsy was rumoured to be the final single but it turned out to be G.U.Y instead. All I know is everyone was literally FIGHTING Gaga to make Gypsy a single, and to use MANiCURE as the ending credits for the ARTPOP film and not Gypsy was a huge "f**k you" to us all:ladyhaha:


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well... on The Fame era, they were planning to release Boys Boys Boys as the 6th single, Gaga wanted to release Bad Romance instead, Dance In The Dark the same thing, about Born This Way, there was 10 singles predicted, but interscope gave us only 5, the other 5 singles are on the BTW the Remix tracklist, ARTPOP should have been a visual album, with videos for every single song, i believe she would premier them in the App with the countdown, but it got cancelled with the rest of the era and the Act II.


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On 5/14/2019 at 4:34 AM, RoverLoader said:

So I've been listening to Born This Way today and it struck me how odd the single realeases for that album were. Judas was a strange choice for second single and was it true Edge of Glory was rush released after the relative disappointment of Judas in the charts? I adored Heavy Metal Lover, but I know that wasn't a single contender. Wasn't sheibe rumored to be a single at one point?


With ARTPOP, wasn't Venus supposed to be the lead single and somehow it never was released as a single at all? Howcome there have been no more official singles from ASIB? I love the strategy and discussion around single releases, so if ya'll have good memories of why certain songs were picked over others, please do share!

Edge of Glory wasn’t rush released. It was released as a countdown to the album like Hair was & then made a single because of how well it performed.

Venus was supposed to be the second single but they changed it to DWUW & then changed it again to GUY.

Also Boys Boys Boys was supposed to be the last single from The Fame but she released Bad Romance instead cause she felt it would be huge & her record label felt that she had completed an entirely new album & wanted to start promoting its release.

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23 hours ago, KatieJudasGaga4 said:

Ok this is wrong lol. Scheisse, was in fact, supposed to be the 2nd single from BTW, but Judas was chosen instead. And yes, Judas underperforming was due because of the controversy. Literally radios stopped playing it because of complaints of Christian/Religious people and groups. It was performing well the first weeks worldwide until people kept boycotting the song.

Lol no. Show me the receipts. 


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On 5/14/2019 at 11:34 AM, RoverLoader said:


:triggered:  :triggered:  :triggered: 

It's spelled "Scheiße"


I forgive you this time, but you better copy the correct spelling somewhere to use it for later :grr: .

OT: Heavy Metal Lover supposedly was to be the 6th single, but was scrapped due to the commercial underperfomance of MTN :madge:  ( Judas was a bad single choice imo, HML should've been :pray: ).


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