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What were gaga singles that never ended up getting a release?


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James Gibson

Joanne era:

Perfect Illusion was chosen by Interscope. I believe it must have been hard to find a lead with a so called 'personal album about her family', so John Wayne and DIC weren't good first impressions and releasing a ballad at first might be bad in managing eyes. After releasing she was so quick to drop the song, didn't perform on television and have not talked about it once since the promo, SHE DIDN'T EVEN SUBMIT THE SONG TO THE 2017 GRAMMYS. She clearly didn't like it anymore, I believe not to associate a bad image to Taylor.

Then the TEOG route happens for a third time. Gaga releases Million reasons as countdown promo single, song gets #1 on iTunes, is well received, previous single wasn't doing so hot = Let's make it a single and ignore our first choice before this one flops aswell!

The first choice for second single was A-YO. In the Making Joanne videos you can see Gaga truly liked the song and thought it was gonna be a genuine hit. She promotes it on James Corden by singing the song before every commercial break in the show, then on SNL and stuff, she jokes about how people could mistake the title by searching mirror on the ceiling on google. But still the song fails to get any steam, so i gets shelved.

After that she starts rehearsing for Super Bowl, instead of pushing a new song there she just do MR again which helps it go #4 on Hot 100 preventing the era from not having any top 10 hit. After Super Bowl, she releases John Wayne as a video more reminiscent of her "crazy years" (probably to calm the fans titties down), but not a single. Then she starts rehearsing and filming ASIB, stops the promo. After wrapping shooting she goes straight to prepare Joanne World Tour.  During the tour she has problems with fibromyalgia, has to cancel the tour twice, releases the doc focusing on her pain. It had no time for more Joanne promo, but she still do a last single for the title track. I found it nice to really honor her aunt with a video and a special version (who knew one year later this effort would lead to a grammy for the piano version. now ARTPOP is her only era grammy-less)

It seemed like a misstep at the time not to give Joanne more promo during 2017, but as we saw in the previous months, focusing on the movie was one of her best career moves possible. 

And now we are again not having any clue if she's finishing the album, if the label is forcing a lead single again, if she's rechanging the album direction for the 50th time or if she's planning on actually releasing music at all. But it if the past eras have taught, there's no stopping of it having multiple last minute changes over the time

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Every second single, every single era :selena:

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so I was here during ARTPOP and it was a mess. We had the announcement, then Aura leaked by "Boris," Applause released, Venus as planned second, DWUW released as second due to success from that Beats headphone commercial, later revealed by HER that sexxx dreams was supposed to be a lead, a fall from her management, massive blackout till Feb, then finally a random announcement of the GUY video. 

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20 minutes ago, Link1995 said:

later revealed by HER that sexxx dreams was supposed to be a lead

when did she say that

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Isidro Guevara

IMO there are only five viable single options from each album: 


Just Dance

Poker Face





Bad Romance 






Marry The Night

Born This Way 

Edge Of Glory

Yoü And I 





Do What U Want 




John Wayne 


Perfect Illusion 

Million Reasons


I'll WRECK U right Up...G.U.Y.!!!🌋💥
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