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Gaga leaving her hotel in NY


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9 hours ago, DonnieDarko said:

Please, stop telling people where they are or what they should take into consideration here. You do you, I will do me. 


You just said this is “music* forum,” and that people who critic her fashion are brats who need to grow up.

Its you that told people “where they are” and “what they should consider.” In other words, the opposite of what you are telling me to do. 

Hopefully there is just a language barrier that explains your contradictory posts, because we are saying the same thing: let people express themselves however they like. There isn’t a right or wrong way to be a fan. 

Anyway, let’s just enjoy the Gala tonight. :)



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2 hours ago, Cassidyfal said:

That purse must hold a USB of LG6


4 minutes ago, Juanjo said:

Classic, iconicGa. Look 1 of 5 for the MET. She started serving way ahead of her big night. :bradley:

Please, don't bump old threads again. 

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3 minutes ago, adammonroe said:


Please, don't bump old threads again. 

A week-old thread about a still-very-relevant Gaga and pop-culture event is considered old?

 excuse me wow GIF by Mashable

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