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How do earpieces work? (Nicki X Arichella related)

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2 hours ago, Joshie S said:

I'm pretty certain they didn't play up for Nicki. She could hear. (they MAY have been playing up)

But I think that Arianna just couldn't really hear Nicki in hers.

When it came to the rap part, Nicki sort of looked at Ari and was like you know this part? Expecting Arianna to be able to rap it out, but when Ari failed to hear properly and understand what was going on, she messed a lot of it up and then it slightly put Nicki off (which is why people were saying it may have been delayed) but she was trying to catch up and THEN Ari came in again and like couldn't get the rap right, Nicki looked over at Ari and smiled and tried to continue but in true Nicki fashion she just also skips words on purpose in a lot of live shows lol..

They were probably also high/drunk. 

It's just a show lol idk why people are so against Nicki she's just having fun

Nobody is against nicki in this situation girl

They were both very sober, I don’t even stan or care for nicki that much but in this situation several people behind the scenes were for sure getting fired. Nicki’s monitor just wasn’t working or turned on.


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10 hours ago, Satans Ex Wife said:

I think that the vocals and playback/live instruments that the audience hears are on a very slight delay from the real acoustic sound, because the sound has to travel through the speakers and such.  You need to sing in time with the live band in order to get the timing right, but you can't hear that live band over the speakers. The earpiece plays the backing track/live band to the singer without the delay, if my understanding is correct.

Dunno about hearing "yourself" though. I don't know if the earpieces help with that. Well-seasoned live performers should be familiar enough with their voice and the songs to be able to carry the tune without hearing themselves

In a large show everything goes through the venue PA for the audience.   In ears are so the performers can hear themselves and the musicians.  Even the most seasoned performers will have extreme difficulty if they can’t hear themselves.  Wedge monitors are traditional ways for performers to hear but are being replaced by in-ears for a less cluttered stage and reduced stage volume. 


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1 hour ago, GagaMegaFan said:

Can I have it too ? :vegas:

sent :vegas:


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