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Shallow Spends 6 Months Top 10 (Canada)

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A new milestone has been reached for Gaga in Canada with her first song to be in the top 10 for 25 weeks (essentially 6 months).


Shallow has spent 25 weeks in top 10 and 2 weeks just outside the top 10 making it 27 weeks in top 20


Half a year. Million Reasons longevity is shook :firega:

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I really still don't get this slayage. It still boggles my mind how Shallow manages to do this. This song really is the perfect storm. And the best part? Her team did not carefully plan this push as compared to her other singles. It's just insane how organic this hit is.

Let's be nice to each other <3
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42 minutes ago, Clumsy Monster said:

Did you know which song spent the most in the top 10?

I don't remember which songs but I think the top record is 44 weeks and like the 5th longest was 37 weeks or something (I saw a top 5 list not long ago)


Shallow isn't gonna make top 5 it's already down to #7 and would need 12 more weeks


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