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Monsters insulting Gaga's private clothing choices

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I'm pretty sure the reason why she wears casual clothes during her private moments is for the most part because she wants to go unnoticed and just being a normal girl from time to time, like think about it, she got photographed and followed even when dressed like that, imagine what would have happened if she went full on Gaga :shrug:

Also that flip-flops quote is either still valid since she still never wore them on public events or broken since 2009, you choose :ohwell:


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On 3/16/2019 at 6:43 AM, SKANK said:


ugh I miss the dreads 

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Finally had time to read this whole thread.

I try my best not to hate on younger generations, because everyone does it.  I’m a Gen Xer and the Boomers hated everything about us. 

However, I do think that’s what some of the issue is here.  Many of you were either kids or tweens when LG first hit the seen, and it shows. 

Once you hit your 30’s you will get it. I promise, it’s like some magical clock ticks and you stop giving as many fux as you did before. What I mean by that is, it’s unfair to hold LG to all the things she said and did when she was in her early 20’s.

You have to let her grow and change, and if you aren’t ready for that, too bad. Ya gotta just roll. 

The heart of the issues isn’t that some of you hate sweatpants. It’s that LG is different now and you have to share her with other people. Basic people (I know the horror)!  But the truth is, you always did, LG has always been mainstream, it’s just more obvious now. 

She is still always going to be the irrevevant kid from NYC who stands up for those cast out by society. She can still do all that whether she is dressing in $200 dollar sweats and Chuck Taylors or a one of a kind McQueen dress.

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