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Search in fusion bands, I can give you few examples of bands who can mix influences to do Something unique and innovative.

 Phuture Doom are really interesting, they can mix black metal, freejazz, gabber, breakbeat, jungle, breakcore in one album.
Tobacco is great too, between psychedelic rock, lofi sounds, hip hop and electronica.
I really like the hip hop hardcore scene with Ho99o9, Death grips, Dalëk, Techno animal… it's often a mix of punk and hip hop with industrial sound design.
Digital hardcore is maybe more known but there is great german bands like Atari teenage riot or Cobra Killer, it's kind of Techno, punk, rave industrial hardcore (Yes ^^")
Igorrr is great curiosity too, he can put breakcore, metal, classical music, opera, baroque music, eastern traditional sounds, medieval sounds … together and it sounds amazing imo.
There is cool indie lofi electro punk scene with bands like Kap bambino , Bondage fairies, Fischerspooner.
DFA records
is a great place to find dance punk good artists. Speaking of dance punk The Faint are really cool because they have added some post punk elements.
Jaga Jazzist is a combination of freejazz, electronic and trip hop, signed on Ninja Tunes, a great label.
If you are more into electronic music listen to techstep, a speeder and technologic drum'n bass with more breaks, the best band of techstep are Noisia.
Unkle is a great band of trip hop, hip hop, rock with various films samples and lot of collaborations ( Portishead, The Verve, Beastie Boys, Run dmc, Radiohead, Metallica…)
I like the way Acid Arab, Ammar 808, Ses Grup, The Maghreban mix oriental, berbere, chaabi, arabian traditional sounds with electronic music. 
The Bug are influenced by dub, ragga, dancehall and hip hop with a dubstep/grime production.
10lec6  are a dancpunk, electronica, funk band who are amazing live!
To finish what I have in mind, I think about  Mindless self indulgence , a joyful electro rock band with a hint of metal, and 8-bit.

I hope this list will help you to find interesting sounds ;) 

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Henri Bardot


Drum and Bass 


boys don't cry


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38 minutes ago, calmar said:

Here's a site I use sometimes, peruse it a bit and see if you find any cool genres you might like :) 


I like this site, I use music map too, you enter the name of an artist you like and it gives you similar artists 

And for electronic music history I used to visited this site, but sadly the history stops with 00's genres but it's enough to well understand: http://techno.org/electronic-music-guide/


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