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Can she just fade away into irrelevancy no one knows who she is, she’s never been able to get a hit by herself, there’s nothing revolutionary or at least slightly interesting about her OR her music and too top it all off and she’s got a shitty attitude.


no wonder the designer didn’t want to make her a dress

✨oh the lights dim while we’re dancing yeah the floor is shaking in this disco heaven✨


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I feel bad for her in the sense that shes a writer, shes involved with her music and her career BUT heres the real truth. Not everyone has it. I think people within the industry sometimes try to build up certain artists like her or Julia Michaels or Tori Kelly because they're songwriters, theyre insiders. Why shouldnt they be as successful as their mouthpieces? But at the end of the day, Bebe is so insanely forgettable. And the music she makes is so anonymous. That its like, you're just not a star. Meant To Be was successful because of Floridia Georgia Line and its crossover appeal. If she had done that song solo? Wouldve never stood a chance.

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