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Gaga not wearing her ring

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33 minutes ago, Randomperson said:

I’m still waiting for an explanation on why he took Lauren Cohan to a sport game with Gaga’s parents a year before him and Lauren broke up and before he started dating Gaga:shrug: I’ve disliked him ever since he broke up with Lauren.


he doesn't owe you an explanation lol.  He's worked with Gaga a long time and knew her parents and they evidently liked each other.   You guys try way too hard to try to turn Christian into some kind of of conniving manipulator.   It's a narrative that fans invented because they don't think Christian is the right "type" for Gaga. 

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Yes I’ve met him.

He is an agent, but he’s not actually Gaga’s agent. 

But since my posts are stupid, and people are reporting me to mods, I’m out.

Bye Felicia. 


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