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Evangelical group wants to remove LGBT people from anti-lynching bill

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Absolutely vile.

Religious groups anyway shouldn't have *any* political influence or voice other than /maybe/ advocating for religious freedom as long as it doesn't involve outgroups of people.


Edit: When this "Liberty :ladyhaha: Counsel" is so dumb, they can't spell "jugular" and write "juggler" instead. :nails:

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i can't go on if i ain't living in your arms


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Evangelicals believe in sharing the word of God and trying to get as many people to know him as possible. I grew up in an evangelical Nazarene Christian household, and that's what my family believes. 

But then you have noodle-brained people like this that call themselves Evangelical when really all their doing is pushing people away.

This is just absolutely horrid and I can't believe that so called "Christians" would advocate for the murder of LGBTQ+ people or ANY people for that matter. 

Lynching of POC just became outlawed in the US LAST YEAR. Now they are trying to replace one group of people they can't brutally kill with another group of people. Lynching is vile and I can't even believe that people in 2019 for Christ's sake would even consider it as a form of proper punishment.

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