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German right-wing politician attacked

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9 hours ago, Maleficent said:

But @danwasd didnt advocate anything. He doesn't care that the incident happened. 

The argument is not wether or it should happen, but rather, that this particular event did occur, and that--in this particular event--its hard to feel sorry for him. 

Obviously no one should be calling for acts of violence against anyone, but if violence does occur, it is totally okay not to feel sympathy for the victim. 

I completely agree that nobody is required to feel any sympathy for the victim, especially now that he has been found out to have LIED about the attack. What a manipulate scumbag.

As for @danwasd's post, I had assumed that he was advocating violence or at the very least suffering towards such people. Mostly because of this line.

"A politician from a neonazi party deserves that and even more."

But looking back at it I realise I may have misinterpreted what he meant. So I'm sorry @danwasd for that reply, it was completely unwarranted. 

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@hankhatesyouall I've updated your OP to include the guardian article and tweaked the title. You're free to make any accurate adjustments if ya want as we dont have the time to fact check etc all the time :)

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