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Lady Gaga to appear at Harrods for FAME - Launch


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Can't wait :flutter:

This would be really exciting to be quite honest. Looking forward to how much will FAME sell in its first week in London. :fan:

It's been there for a while :P
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uh... whut? so basically they got people to buy the fragrance from them, rather than other shops with the promise of entry into a draw, and then they tell us that NO-ONE is getting in? Trading Standards anyone?

They mean extras such as people who queue outside. Anyone that won one with Harrods is getting in but no more will be issued is what they're saying.

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I was thinking about going to this but wasn't too sure what was going to happen. I e-mailed Harrods and they replied with this..

'Lady Gaga will be visiting Harrods, she will be arriving at 6pm and will briefly make an appearance outside of the store.

You are, of course, welcome to attend, however, we must state that this event is not a concert, merchandise signing or meet and greet'

It's going to be like France in that she'll go straight into the store, stay for the after show party and then head straight off. So, I decided not to go as it's a 3 hour journey for me for what will more than likely be a 5 minute appearance (with all the same people at the front of the crowd getting to see her).

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Argh I want to go; but I'm not risking it if she's going to just appear then head straight in :(

that's exactly why i'm not going, to avoid disappointment! it's good for the fans that didn't get a chance to go to the BTW ball but tbh many monsters like me saw her a few metres away for 2 hours 40 mins just under a month ago so why bother going to see a 2 minute glimpse of her? (and there'll be thousands of people there too) :eww: but good luck to the people that are going, i hope the harrods people aren't too snobby haha!

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