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ENIGMA era time capsule

Original Diva

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The first thing I would like to share is the iconic stage plan posted on the ticket website:

The stage looked like when she put up her legs with heels in the bath in the BR video. 

Attending in 2 years 


Do you all remember how excited we were watching the live streams for the Joanne World Tour? I'm so excited to do that all over again. I would add the lavender hair to the time capsule. ICONIC.

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Original Diva

Tonight was the first night of enigma. many people are gagged and others are being brats.

anyway, i personally thought that it was bloody incredible.

heres one of my fav moments:


excuse me no
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One thing that I really liked were all the cool new melodic changes and different riffs she made during many of the songs, it gave them a fresh air again

Listen to my debut pop single 'Want You Bad'! (link on Insta)
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