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Madonna Movies

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Evita, A League of Their Own, and Desperately Seeking Susan are good.

A lot of people hate Who's That Girl, but I actually liked it.

DO NOT WATCH Swept Away. It is one of the crappiest movies I've ever seen.

W.E. which Madonna directed was somewhat OK, but the scenes that take place in the present are absolutely dull, and there is zero character development from the protagonist.



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Desperatly Seeking Susan 

Dlck Tracy

Truth or Dare

Dangerous Game


A League of Their Own (she has a small role, but It's good) 

Four Rooms (she has a small role) 

I'm Going To Tell You A Secret

Also she was in Arthur and the Invinsibles but I don't know if you're interested in seeing a kids movie

Those are the only good ones

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**** Tracy is absurd in the best way. I mean...


And Kathy Bates is in it. So there you go.


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You can have 100 Madonna movies but only A Star Is Born starring Lady Gaga can get an Oscar :queenga:

ot: I’ve only seen Evita 

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there can be 100 madonna movies in an award show but all you need is that 1 lady gaga movie to win it

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46 minutes ago, Vegas said:

You have to love yourself 

Desperately seeking Susan wasn’t THAAATT bad Sksks :cryga:

LG6 is NEVER coming


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