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Dad dating sim Dream Daddy gets a surprise comic series


The hit dad-dating simulator, Dream Daddy: A Daddy Dating Simulator, is getting a comic series — and the first issue is out today.

Released last year by GameGrumps (yes, the YouTubers), Dream Daddy charmed the hearts of players by giving depth and heart to the seemingly goofy premise of “dad trying to date other dads.” The player takes control of a customizable single dad, who moves to the fictional town of Maple Bay with his daughter and meets and eventually romances the local dads.

The comic series, published by Oni Press, will focus on five of the datable characters, with each issue exploring a different potential love interest.

The first issue is titled Much Abird About Nothing and written by Wendy Xu, with illustrations by Ryan Maniulit. It focuses on the character of Craig Cahn, the “fitness dad,” as he joins the main character dad at a college reunion. It’s available on Comixology, Google Play, iTunes and Amazon Kindle, and will release on Steam at 4 pm PT. Tangible copies can be purchased on Oni Press’s website.

The next issue will take on “goth dad” Damien, aka the resident vampire, and will release on Sept. 26. “Cool dad” Mat will make his appearance in the third issue, releasing on Oct. 24, followed by “rival dad” Brian and “cool youth minister dad” Joseph on Nov. 21. The last issue will focus on “teacher dad” Hugo and will release on Dec. 19.




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thick dic, thick wallet

that's the dream daddy

... and now i just sit in silence.


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