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Lady Gaga twitter topic (part 4)


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yeah and Selena's are not even major announcements.. Gaga's fame perfume got like 5000 max.. whereas Selena Gomez telling she hates feeling sick before flights got.. 9,300 something.. she has less than a half of gaga followers.. that is 12.2 :(

“The scars on my mind are on Replay”
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had a lovely time at VUITTON today, I got to see all the pre-FALL in the back of the store. Marc Jacobs killed it. http://t.co/cWRtxG4E

Im so excited to post the SEPT ISSUE OF VOGUE in 30 min! Photographed by MERT & MARCUS. Also behind the scenes film on http://t.co/RA73EISw

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Holy **** did she fall asleep again?

She posted it ;)

Lets go take a howl at that moon🌙 -Crowley
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Who else sees me channeling @RuPaul on the COVER of VOGUE. If only I was as fierce as you b---h. I did try to come for you with that weave.


oh, and the cover story written by jonathan van meter , is the TEA.

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