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Bradley Cooper in Barcelona for "A Star Is Born"

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4 hours ago, Fable said:


I know what they mean by "tossed off" but it still came as quite a shock at first to read :huntyga:

I now just can't get the image out of my head of Bradley creepily telling the audience "I'm not coming all the way over to Barcelona without leaving you with a special taste..." before lowering his pants and jerking off to the first 8 minuets of the film.

I know that's not what they meant by the term "tossing off", but where I come from I think it's probably the most used definition of the term :vegas:

We love this cult site's unique interpretation to words.

The things I would do with him tho.

There could be 100 people in the room, and 99 don't believe in you, all it takes is for one to believe in you and your life will change.
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Max Vandeburg

I think we'll only see Gaga promoting this movie in the months to come.

So far, many people have had the reaction "wait, this is Lady Gaga ??!" while watching the trailer. Maybe Bradley is taking advantage of that "surprise" factor. This is good and helps to break the wrong judgment some people still have about her.

Anyway, she's probably busy with LG6. This may be a good reason why she is so quiet. (Let's hope :laughga:)

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Little managers are starting early I see. 

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