Hi Everyone! Welcome To My Next Megarate  The album chosen for this megarate is Heartbreaker by Dolly Parton Experimenting with Adult Contemporary, Pop, Disco, and Country on this record, it was nonetheless considered heresy by the oldschool country establishment. However, it was significant in that it both made it easier for subsequent generations of country artists to crossover AND in its popularity in the LGBT underground and disco scene in the the late 70s. It further pissed off the country establishment when she won Entertainer of the Year in 1978 at the CMA Awards after the success of this record. Tracklist: In general, here are the Criteria for participating the Megarate: 1) Re-listen to album 2) Rate each track on a scale of 1-10 and your favorite an 11. Feel free to add commentary to explain your ratings if you'd like! 3) 0's are not allowed. 4) Feel free to use decimals in the values of .25, .5, or .75 5) Please don't participate if you didn't listen to the album or if you hate it without reason. Any ratings that demonstrate this will be erased from the calculations. 6) PM me your ratings (send to @Rumours1977). If you aren't tagged below, feel free to join in! Moreover, if you know of anyone else who may be interested, feel free to tag them.   Due Date for Ratings: June 9, 2018 (5PM EDT/ 9PM UTC) Date/Time for Ceremony: LATER TONIGHT   Participants   Here's how you can listen to the album (Spotify):