Hi Everyone! Welcome to my second Megarate. Based on the album that received the highest percentage of votes from a previous thread, the album we will be rating is Rumours by Fleetwood Mac! The following is a little background about the Album itself:   In general, here are the Criteria for participating the Megarate 1) Re-listen to album 2) Rate each track on a scale of 1-10 and your favorite an 11. Feel free to add commentary to explain your ratings if you'd like! 3) 0's are not allowed. 4) Feel free to use decimals in the values of .25, .5, or .75 5) Please don't participate if you didn't listen to the album or if you hate it without reason. Any ratings that demonstrate this will be erased from the calculations. 6) PM me your ratings (send to @Rumours1977).   Due Date for Ratings: CLOSED Date for Ceremony: January 12, 2018   Here's how you can listen to the album (Spotify): Tags: If you know of anyone who would want to participate in this Megarate as well, please tag them in the thread. I would really appreciate it!    If you all have any questions, feel free to either ask them in the thread below or PM me.  Tags (Based on Past Participation/Interest in this Megarate): Participants: