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Rate the Last Movie You Watched

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X-Men: Apocalypse - 9/10 Everyone don't be fooled by the reviews. In its latest installment not only was the focus on characterisation maintained but action also was at the forefront (a rarity in

The Babadook. 3/10. Do not watch that movie, it's super boring.

Only Lovers Left Alive - 10/10 An insomniac's favorite movie  I can feel the its dreary nights and soulful conversations.

Maleficent 2: 9.5/10

Great film, I always thought that Angelina was the perfect pick to play her.. It has a great cast, good plot but I think the first one is still unbeatable.

I don't give it a 10 because it was more fairytalish than the first one (which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it didn't make it feel as real as the first one)

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The King of Staten Island - 8/10 

Nothing revolutionary, but a good movie to watch on a Friday night when you want to stay in and order pizza. Pete Davidson created a surprisingly likable antihero. 

Spinster - 4/10 :triggered: 

The premise had potential, but they under utilized Chelsea Peretti, a lot of the delivery felt forced, and it was a bit too saccharine for my liking. 


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I watched the romance trilogy :

Before Sunrise 10/10 Gorgeous movie and feels like a true story filmed. A romance that anyone would want to believe could happen.

Before Sunset 9.7/10 Sexy and felt again true to their romance story, it could happen.

Before Midnight 6/10 Fun to catch up with this couple again, but a let down. Still beautiful atmosphere. Realistic if you look around you.

Still very good movies in the romance genre and would definitely recommend.

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The future's uncertain and the end is always near.
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She Dies Tomorrow - it was...abysmal. 2/10

Going to watch Deep Blue Sea 3 soon. :ally: Expecting a perfect 10.

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i don't remember ARTPOP
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I watched the original first Planet Of The Apes movie again, it totally holds up and is much much much better than all of the remakes. 10/10

charlton heston laughing GIF

I think seeing ^ everywhere had me thinking to watch it again lol

The future's uncertain and the end is always near.
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Film festival VOD edition:

I Used to Go Here - 7/10 A little underwhelming, but it picked up in the last 3rd.

The Surrogate - 8.5/10 Honestly could have gone horribly given the premise, but I think they did a great job keeping it grounded. Also the virtual ticket was pretty pricey, but they are giving 50% to local indie theaters which is awesome.

Never Rarely Sometimes Always - 9/10 Really well done film. My only criticism is one of the plot points seemed underdeveloped. I think ambiguity was the intention, but it was a touch too ambiguous for me. 

Palm Springs - 8/10 I usually hate these types of movies, but it managed to feel fresh. The ending did seem a little thin to me.

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Cuties - 6.5/10 It was a good premise, but I think it could have been better than it was. Story-wise there was too much going on and a few parts could have been more effective if they were less heavy-handed.
Sorry to Bother You - 8/10 I loved everything about the first half of the movie. The twist was great, but I wish it looked different visually because it kind of took me out of it. I feel saying like saying anything else would spoil it.
Good Time - 7.5/10 Another movie that I probably would have liked more if it wasn't hyped up so much, but still good for what it was. I think I preferred it to Uncut Gems, but I still prefer Heaven Knows What to both of them :ohwell:


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Will Graham

Raw, a french movie from 2016. I'm shook and speechless. 10/10. My new favourite film. This kind of movie is why cinema was created for.

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