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The Edge of Seventeen - 9/10 I was entertained all throughout. It was funny and lighthearted but also very emotional. I appreciated the fact that it addressed things that a lot of coming of age m

I watched the original first Planet Of The Apes movie again, it totally holds up and is much much much better than all of the remakes. 10/10 I think seeing ^ everywhere had me thinking to w

X-Men: Apocalypse - 9/10 Everyone don't be fooled by the reviews. In its latest installment not only was the focus on characterisation maintained but action also was at the forefront (a rarity in


10/10 :legend:

Watched it in blu ray. It's amazing how this movie, made in 1992-1993, has better effects than so many movies made today.

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Taxi Driver 10/10

Hands down one of the top ten movies of all time.


I keep meaning to watch that! Everyone talks about how amazing it is.
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One if my favorite movies, but I think it's obvious why the 0,5 point.





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fancy pants


I love the mushy ending :wub:

All of those Audrey movies and no Funny Face? That's my favorite :)

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