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The Edge of Seventeen - 9/10 I was entertained all throughout. It was funny and lighthearted but also very emotional. I appreciated the fact that it addressed things that a lot of coming of age m

I watched the original first Planet Of The Apes movie again, it totally holds up and is much much much better than all of the remakes. 10/10 I think seeing ^ everywhere had me thinking to w

X-Men: Apocalypse - 9/10 Everyone don't be fooled by the reviews. In its latest installment not only was the focus on characterisation maintained but action also was at the forefront (a rarity in

The Fame Monster

Couldn't find the official House of Gucci thread, so I'm saying my opinion here.

On a scale of 1-10, I'll give the movie a 5.

+ Great cast
+ Great performance from Lady Gaga
+ Interesting story behind the movie
+ Beautiful scenes and cinematography

- Too long
- Even though the story was interesting, the plot wasn't that interesting or exciting
- I didn't know much of the film before watching it but I knew Ms Gaga described it as a fun and entertaining movie that we need during these difficult times of COVID-19. I actually felt shitty after the movie (could also just be my overall mood on that day). I don't like to watch movies that leave me with a depressed feeling, I want to be entertained and inspired. House of Gucci didn't do that for me.

However, I'm happy to see Gaga's acting skills being praised and I feel the same. She was a good actress on A Star Is Born, but Gaga's performance on House of Gucci was really on a whole another level. I felt like she was a real, serious actor. While watching the movie, I really believed she was Patrizia. On ASIB, I was just thinking of Gaga and couldn't really focus on her performance.

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Weird: The Al Yankovic story.

10/10. Radcliffe is superb and the movie is hilarious. If you're a Weird Al fan it's a must-watch.

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I Wanna Dance With Somebody


Excellent acting, Naomi Ackle did a great job of capturing Whitney's essence and mannerisms, but the movie is very formulaic, and I don't feel like I know Whitney better after watching it. And it's way too long, I was yawning every 5 seconds by the end.

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