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Singers, Songwriters, Producers - share YOUR music here!

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Posted a lot of Gaga covers over the years, please give it a listen!!! (AURA COVER IS MY FAV ?)  

My original song (also on iTunes & Google Play) 

Aww, I remember playing around in this thread (and others like it) years ago. It honestly inspired me to keep writing and singing, and I've even performed a few originals around campus. Time to t

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​I love your stuff! Your voice sounds so much older than 17 which is so cool :kisses: 

Thank you. It's funny, growing up I was more into writing...but then the balls dropped and I was like, "Hey, I'm gonna be a singer...and I'm gonna sing my least favorite genre...and I'm gonna try and make it interesting" Lol. 

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A few months ago I was asked to whip something up for a Kickstarted visual novel "Starfighter: Eclipse" (based on a gay-s-x-in-space comic "Starfighter").
The novel finally came out this May, and the song was featured in the trailer, intro, and credits. Also, the instrumental version plays in the main menu. I'm still beyond stoked that I got to do this; the fans of the comic have been so awesome to me! :sara:

I posted the song on my SoundCloud a couple of days ago. Give it a listen if you have time:

I also made a lyric video with some artwork from the novel.

And don't forget to buy my T-Shirt, perfume called 'Midnight Desire' (and a limited edition 'Morning Desire' in the shape of a boner), a workout video "Losing Weight Eating Fried Chicken", and subscribe to me on Grindr, Candy Crush, and Myspace!



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