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Were there behind stage seats at previous tours?

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On 2017-07-09 at 8:30 PM, JoeysWorldTour said:

I really hope not.  I hope the stage isn't in the middle like a sports/wrestling ring would be at an arena.  

Why not? That's actually an awesome set up. There is no bad seat in the whole arena in that case. Britney did that for her circus tour and it was amazing 

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I don't know about behind-the-stage seats but at the Monster Ball my seat was pretty much directly to the side of the stage. I could actually see Gaga during Dance in the Dark before the curtain went up.


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The Weeknd had seats like that at his tour and some were directly behind but we're super cheap because they didn't have a great view. He has a backdrop but it was really short. And the seats started like halfway up the section so they could kinda see over the backdrop. 


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