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Explosions At Ariana Grande Show in Manchester

Stefani Kinney

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19 minutes ago, Tokyo Rose said:

How dare you police inconvenient opinions to push the discussion in whatever direction you personally want it to go?

I'd like to know what gave you the right to enforce your bias against other users?

The discussion of Islam in the topic was an inevitability whether you like it or not.

Where in the rule book does it say we have to concede to your political ideology or anyone elses?

What? :toofunny:

I basically said you're free to criticize the religion/philosophy but the second actual people are targeted is when we'll step in.

I have no bias against other users :shrug: One pointed out that their comment was hidden, another quoted that saying we were censoring "the truth", I let them both know (as well as anyone who agrees with their ideas, the third member was tagged because I saw their post as well) that when something crosses a line, we'll step in. Until then, do as you wish but keep it respectful.

That's not me forcing you to "concede to my political ideology", it's me enforcing the same rules that we've always had.

Be Respectful
Do not insult or bully other users. Do not flamebait* or make any comments that are prejudiced, racist, s-xist, homophobic, etc. in nature. Do not post other members' private information.

Generally, a flamebait post is an unnecessary offensive comment about an artist, fanbase, or group of people.

When you stop being critical towards Islam as a philosophy and you start being hateful towards Muslims or inciting Islamophobia, that's when this rule is broken. It'd be the same with any other religion or group of people that hold legitimate beliefs.


Legitimate beliefs don't include hate/terrorist groups, btw. It'd still be nice to have constructive and mature discussions regarding hate groups but we're not going to go crazy on members who call ISIS members, the KKK, Nazis, etc what they are :spin: I figured that distinction was needed.

Then I topped the whole post off with the fact that this thread wasn't (and still isn't) the place to have this discussion.

If you have an issue with this, you're free to take it up with us in the Support section :shrug:

A little bug? đŸȘČ SECURITY! 🚹
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