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Meghan Trainor - I'm a Lady


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Joanne ha impact on the cover art :neyde: 

Cute song tho, nothing special just a typical Meghan earworm :koons: 


The rumours are true, I’m back from the dead ❤️
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I don't like it..

I don't like her voice, it sounds like mine when I wake up in the morning..

And I don't know, it's difficult to like her, it's like she always makes me feel like she's better than me in her pictures, videos and interviews.. it's not fun, she's not fun to watch..

I'd rather be dead but I guess I'm alive ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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3 minutes ago, BLACKOUTbritney said:

Seems like getting dropped by Troy carter and wearing a country hat is the new thing 👀

Well she skiped "Save your career with a living fossil era":derpga:


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7 minutes ago, SEXODUS said:

Buy Lady Gaga's new hit single "Meghan Trainor" on iTunes :emma:

Buy Lady Gaga's new single "I'm a Mega Trainer" in Itunes

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15 minutes ago, ManilaMonster said:

the cover looks more Madonna than Gaga for some reason

Reminds me of the Sticky & Sweet Tour performance of Human Nature 

The night sky tells all
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