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Katy Perry: "I’ll never be Beyoncé, I’m just less than Beyoncé!"


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'I'm 32 now,' she said. 'And I love my thirties because you just let so much go and you really stop caring what people think.

'I have my shoes off, I'm relaxed, I have the wire between my toes for the next person.' 

She went on to say: 'TV performances are my Achilles heel, because obviously I see my peers who I admire sitting in the audience, and I’m like "I’ll never be Beyoncé, I’m just less than Beyoncé!"

'I’m me in my own way and I love being me, but shoot, Beyoncé is so much better than everyone else, so it’s hard performing sometimes.'


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Bey is overrated

Katy lacks talent


I just wanted to be the one that does this for once :toofunny: You don't have to be Bey, girl. Just be Katy :hor:


Seeing voices 🖐️🖤
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I'm so tired of everyone praising Beyonce.  It's so cliche that it adds to Katy's basicness for saying it.

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1 hour ago, Misaki said:

They aren't wrong.


I don't agree nor disagree, I just don't care anymore. It gets boring to hate on someone you wouldn't really care about otherwise, given that you're probably not interested in either of the two artists. Invest more time in the things you like rather than in the things you dislike. It's a much healthier lifestyle. 

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I'll never understand why everyone seems worship Beyoncé. I don't dislike her, and I own a few albums/songs, but she is reaching a new levels of being overrated. 

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Beyonce is a great performer, but the butt licking the media and other celebrities do is pretty embarrassing to witness.

This is why I think Bey's veneer of perfection and goddess attitude is actually harmful, because instead of inspiring others it makes them degrade themselves in comparison to an unobtainable illusion. I'm sorry Katy feels that way (even if she may be joking a little).

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