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Kiel Gyllenhaal
Just now, Saint Hollywood said:

better be Donatella or Swine :saladga:


"My people… need to let our bitchiness out. Otherwise, it turns to bile and poisons us"
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Highest Score: @Radio Ga Ga @littlemonsterL5 (11)

Lowest Score: @John Wayne @GrandeVersace @D1SC0STICK @frankgutz @Tumblr (1)


Antonio’s Remark:

My second favorite on ARTPOP, too bad this fanbase doesn’t agree… It’s a soulful ballad and you can feel the raw emotion in her vocals, the piano is perfect for the song, and it has such an awesome and unique flow your favs can wish to have. For the vocals, I genuinely, most truthfully, do not understand what is wrong with them. They are perfect.


Top 5 Comments:

“This gem is massively underrated on this forum, and for that reason, sometimes I feel like Gaga made this song exclusively to me. I could feel every bit of pain in Gaga’s vocals, and paired with its lyrics (which IMO are some of her best), makes this song so filled with raw emotions. Sometimes when I’m in too good of a mood, I don’t feel this song too much, but when I’m in that depressive, anxious, or reflective state of mind, this song cleanses me. In addition, when I listen to the song, something about the bass that starts in the second verse paired with the screaming vocals on the second chorus, perfectly expresses the intense feeling of loving someone, but you feel so regretful and remorseful that you had been so ungrateful.”

-           @Radio Ga Ga

“Another song that is underrated by the fanbase. It’s a schmaltzy piano ballad that’s about her drug addiction and it’s something fans can relate to. No, it doesn’t fit on ARTPOP sonically. It correlates into the album if you annotate it’s lyrics and realize that ARTPOP is about immersing herself to let go of her pain then you’ll understand. It has some of the most beautiful lyrics of the album.”

-           @Skai Jackson

“Not easiest to consume but still a powerful track. I do prefer Dope over I Wanna Be with You. This is another lyrical highpoint of the album. Gaga's vocal delivery really make the song; it's raw, emotive, and powerful and the slurring just enhances the effect. The minimalistic production is very nice and really suits the song, but at the same time kinda flattens the pace of the song.”

-           @lilmonster93

“It’s a good ballad, but it doesn’t touch the eights of Speechless. I’d say the most interesting part are the lyrics, that production is good but average (the electronic parts sure make the song fit more within the album, but ruin its atmosphere), and that unfortunately I am not a fan of Gaga’s voice in this. It sounds way too strained. I know it was intended, but I still don’t think it fits the theme of the song, which is supposed to sound authentic. An upstream thought, I am glad this replayed IWBWY, because it was clear from the beginning that IWBWY was not about us fans, but rather about Taylor. This one is more explicit and I applaud the honesty.”

-           @ArtPLAUSE

“Going against popular opinion, I love this song, and the vocals fit perfectly. Being the lowest point throughout the journey of ARTPOP, this song really stands alone and brings you outside of the album is a whole for a few minutes. Again, I think the ARTPOP songs are more relatable than people think, because this is merely just a song about sadness and despair through which Gaga experienced through a weed addiction, but this emotions of the song are applicable to anyone in any situation. The standout verse, "I feel so low from living high.”

-           @ComeToMama


Who Did It First?


The Fame | Beautiful, Dirty, Rich / Money Honey
The Fame Monster | N/A
Born This Way | Americano
Joanne | Angel Down (Work Tape)


𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞 𝐦𝐞 𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞 𝐦𝐞 𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞 𝐦𝐞 𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞 𝐦𝐞
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1 minute ago, ComeToMama said:

Are you 

Are you ****kkking kidding me!? The Queen was the lowest rated song on BTW?!?!? Im done.


rightfully so :whitney:

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Just now, A Gaga Lad said:


If it helps, I don't believe it deserved number 15... maybe 14, but not 15 :awkney:

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