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Gaga to 'go into the bathroom and leak everything'

N a t h a n

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Towards the end of the three minute clip, it has been alleged that Lady Gaga says: "Welcome to the Born This Way Ball" – fuelling speculation that Government Hooker will open the eagerly anticipated show.

I'm in two minds about GH opening the tour. :giveup:

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I like the sweater but who's to say it's going to be about $100 when you can make one yourself for about $10.

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eww NOT cute..... I dont like it, its a plain ugly grey sweater with her image on it.... throw some glitter then we can talk...


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One Five Ten

No, it's fake. You can see it's fake. And I even think it's an older photo then we think.

Hahaha I know, I was only kidding, as evidenced by my post after that :)

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The sweater looks comfy and cute. Seriously people it's tour merchandise, what do you want, designer clothing?


I won't die, but I can't live without you
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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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