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Gypsy Life

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I have 32 multiple personalities, so my vote counts 32 times. BAZINGA! Lzzy Hale of Halestorm is great, discovered her and the band when I found this video "Familiar Taste of Poison", it's like Gaga crossed with Evanescence, such a cool classic femme fatale vibe. Like Paparazzi but totally different and kind of film noir nod. Better than anything I've seen from most artists these days. 


Go see A Star is Born
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Gypsy Life
13 hours ago, Curunir said:

WHERE'S MY NAME ON THAT LIST?!11??!!1?!?!!! :grr::grr::grr:

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jk just bumping this thread:stalkga:




7 hours ago, JamJams said:

Has my vote been counted? :air:

I'll mention everyone that participated once I'm done counting all votes :neyde:

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Gypsy Life
8 hours ago, OBEY said:

:usrs: where r da resultsss


7 hours ago, cpro said:

When will the results be announced? :excited2:

I'm thinking tomorrow :chica:

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I just realised when messaging Gypsy Life that most of my votes probably mean nothing because my music taste is so different to most Gaga stans. Literally the only other pop star whose music I've downloaded and who I listen to regularly is Lana :laughga:

I'll be myself until they fūcking close the coffin.
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Gypsy Life

Participants (so far):

1. @MaryJaneHolland
2. @Mert
3. @NickARTPOP
4. @Mister Gaga
5. @Son of ARTPOP
6. @Slappy
7. @StarryNight
8. @ROARyals
9. @Bellatraix
10. @053Timo
11. @UK Monster
12. @XDerekX
13. @cpro
14. @malazam
15. @BlTCH
16. @GlitterAndGrease
17. @Steve Nasty
18. @JourneyToAvalon
19. @Placebo
20. @ARTPOPisaChoice
21. @OmgSum1Actually
22. @Foxy
23. @Baptiste
24. @Dora
25. @RockySayTalk
26. @KingRedd
27. @Rebel Heart
28. @luckythisway
29. @Arcane
30. @SychosSoChic
31. @OBEY
32. @JGD
33. @OMonster
34. @FlopSlurper
35. @C Slayclair
36. @Glory
37. @NOT Marinara
38. @Thomas P
39. @Paper Gangsta
40. @Curunir
41. @ryanripley
42. @BlondeKingOfGGD
43. @BeyerJ
44. @Yves
45. @Gold
46. @JamJams
47. @Versace
48. @Lord Ryry
49. @kvnrp
50. @MGC
51. @i medici
52. @cav07
53. @MartijnMonster
54. @Noahhh
55. @Jacwa
56. @Alien Tulip
57. @kevinthesheep
58. @TheFamousLM
59. @Tom Hardy
60. @littlepotter
61. @MannyMonroe18
62. @Ciccone Madonna
63. @Swan Heart
64. @Fernster7
65. @PabloDaBlowfish
66. @Ophelia
67. @Chuckles
68. @James Gibson
69. @Moncher
70. @Uncle ARTPOP
71. @unMANiCURED
72. @Yanko
73. @PopThatArt
74. @Sizzily
75. @lmxoxo
76. @Disenchanted

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Gypsy Life
Gypsy Life
29 minutes ago, i medici said:

Im bad with time zones. :rip:

Lets start in 12 hours. 

We won't start before 24 hours :neyde:

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