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Welcome to The K-Pop Thread! This thread is the place to discuss all of your favourite artists and groups from South Korea! Whether they are a big name group or an upcoming solo artist, we'd lo

God I'm so tired 🤣 For a lot of them I don't know what they said as the translator was VERY quiet. Will need to listen to the recording again later. HeeJin - I asked what her fav

nnnn at this point he's had more coming outs than TWICECOASTER had re-releases


I can't believe they [posh] kinda ruined [/posh] one of the best J-bops ever by adding a dollar store Pitbull to it :cryga:

I'll just keep listening to the original/solo version tbh :giveup:

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Fun Fact: The K in KPop stands for "Kate Bush"
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Baby I know I know I know ni geojinmal
ije niga sum shwineun geotto shireo
seuchineun geotjocha nan shireo Baby baby know
Baby I know I know
neol saengakalsurok deo
nareul deo michige mandeuneun neoye
L.I.E L.I.E L.I.E L.I.E eh eh


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nan ireoji anhneunde isanghae
tteugeopge heundeullyeo neol wihan Candle
Say you love me nareul deo anajwo
amudo moreuge oneul bam

Light up my candle
Light up my candle


Fun Fact: The K in KPop stands for "Kate Bush"
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sujubeun gobaek
haessal gadeuk pumeun naye MELLOOOODI
tteollyeo wayo jigeum i sungan
nae soneul jaba
mandeureoyo neowa naye SEUTOOOOOORI
eonjena ni gyeote isseulkke


Fun Fact: The K in KPop stands for "Kate Bush"
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5 hours ago, PoshLife said:

Man, they are out of ideas :lolga: 

This year has been awful SM wise... 

I suppose Red Velvet have done alright, since they got two mini albums.

f(x) had their Japanese tour released on Blu-ray and DVD, along with the "4 Walls / COWBOY" Japanese single. No Korean comeback tho...

Girls' Generation has had... well, nothing. (I'm not counting f(x)'s or SNSD's STATION digital singles). No Korean releases or Japanese music releases. The only thing of theirs I've purchased was the "Phantasia in Japan" Blu-ray (and it wasn't even that good) :(

SM better not **** up SNSD's 10th anniversary :( they should be going all out!!!

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Just now, Taylor said:


she's been under tons of scandals such as assaulting someone and having the police involved but no major career backlash? 

her boyfriend came to her rescue but nonetheless any other idols career would be over 

⚜ Roll Deep ⚜
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