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Welcome to The K-Pop Thread! This thread is the place to discuss all of your favourite artists and groups from South Korea! Whether they are a big name group or an upcoming solo artist, we'd lo

God I'm so tired 🤣 For a lot of them I don't know what they said as the translator was VERY quiet. Will need to listen to the recording again later. HeeJin - I asked what her fav

i'm a lurker in this thread but lemme just promote my faves  

42 minutes ago, PoshLife said:

@YCHofficial Do you know when we're getting that remake of Jewelry's "Hot&Cold"?

Where have you been, it has been released ages ago (without a music video ofcourse cuz god forbid ARIAZ to have something nice). They ruined the song so heads up.



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1 hour ago, Irrelevant said:


Aww that's kind of endearing :flutter:
I've always wondered why there aren't more groups that do this. I'd prefer this over 3-5 years of incomplete lineups

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On 11/4/2021 at 5:05 AM, YCHofficial said:

- Ahn Yujin
- Jang Wonyoung
- Kim Gaeul
- Kim Jiwon
- Lee Hyunseo
- Naoi Rei

apparently this is jiwon

광야로 걸어가 알아 네 home ground
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1 hour ago, Irrelevant said:

apparently this is jiwon

It is Kim Jiwon indeed :ally:

So they posted Yujin first because she is the leader. 
However Gaeul, Wonyoung and Liz were posted in order of age, which means the next members are even younger than Liz. There is a rumor saying the maknae is from 2007, I hope not but who knows. 

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2 hours ago, Irrelevant said:

the way their teasers have zero correlation with the concept, jail

Finally Moon Sua is debuting after 13 years of training

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