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Welcome to The K-Pop Thread! This thread is the place to discuss all of your favourite artists and groups from South Korea! Whether they are a big name group or an upcoming solo artist, we'd lo

God I'm so tired 🤣 For a lot of them I don't know what they said as the translator was VERY quiet. Will need to listen to the recording again later. HeeJin - I asked what her fav

i'm a lurker in this thread but lemme just promote my faves  


My Chanmina singles ranking:

Love it


1. Chocolate
2. Never Grow Up
3. You Made Me (TeddyLoid ft. Chanmina)
4. Doctor
5. Angel

Like it


6. Voice Memo No. 5
7. Lady
8. Pain is Beauty
9. Bijin
10. Harenchi
11. She's Gone
12. Call

Leave it


13. Kisha Na Lip (Genie High ft. Chanmina)
14. Holy Moly Holy Night (with Sky-Hi)
15. #GrlsSpkOut (Taeyeon ft. Chanmina)
16. Picky
17. My Name
18. Racin' (AK-69 ft. Chanmina)
19. Winner (Block B-Project 1 ft. Chanmina)
20. Princess
21. Fxcker
22. Miseinen (ft. Messhi)
23. No Thanks Ya (Miyavi ft. Chanmina)
24. I'm a Pop
25. Daikirai (TeddyLoid ft. Chanmina)


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BUtterfield 8

Girls planet 999 planet guardians have been getting too comfortable not voting for Yujin because they all think she’s already going to make the group no matter what 

I hope she rises in the next elimination episode  

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7 hours ago, PopReaper said:

this is sending me :smh::toofunny:

This is half of my job...

If only I knew Korean and Korean tax rules... I'd be willing to be paid in Polaroids lol

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13 minutes ago, YCHofficial said:


Do you know how many songs it'll have?

And is it called "Hello Lumina" or is that something else :emma: 

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17 minutes ago, PoshLife said:

Do you know how many songs it'll have?

And is it called "Hello Lumina" or is that something else :emma: 

Naah thats just a hello to the fans 

It's a single album named ''Close To Me'', so i think max 3/4  songs

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